2021 marks Danco’s 50th year in business.  David Tatge, our founder, would often remind us all that we are a service business, and without our customers’ loyalty and patronage, we would not have come this far.  We are grateful to be operating – providing jobs for our employees and services to our customers.  We would not be here without you.  We are thankful for all of our loyal customers who continue to invest in our business relationship and who we hope will continue to grow with us for another 50 years!

Danco Anodizing offers a complete range of surface preparation, anodizing and identification techniques to match your exact requirements.

Since 1971, Danco has been meeting the needs of many diverse industries for technically superior surface treatments of machined parts, castings, extrusions and sheet metal products.  Danco is approved by most major aerospace and medical corporations. Danco has been a leader in the processing of titanium and stainless-steel parts for the orthopaedic industry since 1992.

An exclusive, deep image graphics process allows one or more colors, including full-color photographic or drawn images to be anodized into aluminum.

Anodizing is an electrolytic process performed on aluminum and titanium to create thin oxide coatings which seal out moisture, inhibit corrosion and provide a controlled degree of coating buildup… all in addition to highly attractive finishes in a variety of light-fast colors. The coating thickness (and by virtue of the process’s density, hardness, abrasion resistance and porosity) is controllable within very close tolerances.

A unique advantage of anodizing is its ability to coat more evenly all areas of the product, including most interior and difficult to reach surfaces.

Danco is well known for its ability to maintain quality requirements, to meet short deadlines, and to retain detailed records for long-term traceability. Special processing, handling and packaging are all part of our service capabilities. Anodizing is a practical and cost-effective procedure for use on one to over a million pieces.

Many variations are possible within each of the techniques listed above. Such factors as the product’s service environment, the particular alloy used, decorative effects desired, special physical characteristics required, and the cost of processing must all be considered. Danco offers the depth of experience necessary to provide meaningful assistance in all of these areas.

Nadcap Certified – Danco has gained recognition from the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program — Nadcap. We received this accreditation only after a very thorough independent review of our processes and procedures. This accreditation reaffirms Danco’s commitment to only the highest quality standards. Danco is now an accredited Nadcap source for Chemical Processing, and also for our Quality System. NADCAP Certificates.  Brochure and Certifications.