ELECTROPOLISHING – Where conventional mechanical polishing of stainless steel tends to smear, bend, stress, and even fracture the crystalline metal surface, electropolishing offers the advantages of removing metal from the surface producing a unidirectional pattern that is both stress-free and occlusion-free, microscopically smooth, and often highly reflective. Additionally, improved corrosion resistance and passivation are achieved.  It is used on medical devices, food processing equipment, and on valves and lines for corrosive gases used in manufacturing for the semi-conductor industry.

PASSIVATION – Although stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, the iron in the material and iron contamination created during fabrication is subject to rust and corrosion. This surface iron is removed during passivation, resulting in a less chemically reactive surface. Danco is also now offering Citric Passivation per ASTM A967.

This stainless steel component
has been polished and then passivated
to inhibit atmospheric corrosive action,
and to help maintain its bright lustrous finish.

CHEMICAL FILMS – Provides good corrosion resistance at low cost, and is commonly used as a paint base. Compared to anodized films, these finishes are often used where low electrical resistance is required. 

TEFLON® COATING – Type I coating not only reduces friction between moving parts, but increases wear, abrasion and corrosion resistance. Teflon coatings may be applied over any other Danco coating. LOW FRICTION CHROME COATING – Fast becoming the finish of choice for medical manufacturers of instruments, Low Friction Chrome provides an improvement of service life, enhanced performance and preserves the cosmetic appearance of the medical device.  Click Here for PDF Download.